2D Character Animation

Want to Create your own 2D animation?

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Prepare the animation Stage

First of all you’ll need to create an HTML5 Canvas document and set the stage and document properties to prepare your animation project.

Of course after that you’ll have to access what is called a vector image which is easy just go to Adobe Stock to use as the background to the animation.

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Create the scene

Next its time to add layers this is where you can have some fun and use drawing tools , which include the following: the Rectangle, Pen, and Brush tools to finish drawing the background scene.

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Import and prepare the character

You’ll now need to create a new layer for the character.

Then, to get onto the next part you’ll be needing to import the character, that you’ve drawn in Illustrator CC, from the CC Libraries panel.

Create movie clip symbols and separate the layers to prepare all parts of the character for animation.

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Animate the character

You’ll have to Learn what is the difference between frames and keyframes and motion tweens and shape tweens.

This is the second last step just apply all these concepts to where it says apply looping animation to the different parts of the character to create the appearance of realistic movement. See this pageĀ 

Publish your project

At last, finally publish settings that allow you to export your project for use on the web, in Dreamweaver, Muse, or InDesign projects, or to a custom publishing target.